Oh genre, my genre

I think the hardest part about starting a writing career is genre. I feel as though I have ideas for so many genres and while I could find success in one, I worry that it my limit my choices in other areas of writing.

You always hear that writing romance is supposed to be easy and that there is a huge demand for it, but then you hear about getting trapped in the genre, dismissed by “serious” writers as a mass producer.

Similarly I would love to develope an idea I have for a fantasy series, but it’s hard to break out of that sector too, and I have so many ideas beyond the world I’ve created in my mind.

Then I’ve had people tell me I should make a memoir because of the rather unusual life I’ve lead so far, but to tell the truth, I often think it isn’t as exciting as it sounds, or that the most interesting parts are things I don’t yet feel like sharing.

So, I find myself working on a few different pieces, mostly when the kids are asleep or watching tv, wondering if I’m going to regret this book in a few years, depending on if I can even get published of course 😉

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