Life as the Gaijin

Being a gaijin, or foreigner, in Japan has been written about A LOT. Mostly from the white male perspective, but that’s understandable considering that in the English speaking community, males outnumber females by at least 4:1 (according to a 2005 study done by the Japanese immigration bureau which is not very up to date, but […]

Mommy Guilt

I love writing, but it brings me guilt. So much guilt. I think that’s part of the whole mom thing though. It seems impossible to be a mom without feeling guilty about something. I have a messy house that I always feel guilty about, I feel like I’m the messiest mom in the world. I […]

Oh genre, my genre

I think the hardest part about starting a writing career is genre. I feel as though I have ideas for so many genres and while I could find success in one, I worry that it my limit my choices in other areas of writing. You always hear that writing romance is supposed to be easy […]